Letters to myself

Dear December 13, 1981 me, Congratulations on being the fastest strongest sperm in your dads nutsack. It is your birthday, your very first day on the planet. You made it. You grew into a fetching bundle of cells and firing synapses. It is a bright Sunday morning in Harris County, Houston Texas; and, you don't… Continue reading Letters to myself


Grave Robbers and the Women who Fuck/Love Them

**This piece was written years ago** There was a radio piece done by Howard Stern in 2004 that I heard about a while back; Donald Trump was his Guest. On this particular show Howard and Donald agreed-hands down that deeply troubled women made the best lovers. They discussed how they came to this conclusion. Here… Continue reading Grave Robbers and the Women who Fuck/Love Them

Aurelia Sol Returns

When I became less you, I became less myself. I am learning how to uncurl from the fetal position so that I might crawl again. I wanted to crawl to you for the for seeable future lover- Lover... Lover... Saying goodbye to you knowing that you still walk this Earth, I might as well be standing at your grave. The most torturous of all, but if we must feed our hearts lies to be full, then let us feast.

Hawk and Mouse

My lovely little dream life...The old brain strikes again with some stunning revelations;Every dream, giving me deeper insight into my psyche. In this particular dream, Once upon a time, in a dreamland far away, there existed a little girl version of me.Little girl me was making mud pies with the sun in my eyes and… Continue reading Hawk and Mouse