Ben Never: Maybe, I need you.

Maybe, I Need You I smile when I get your messages. Whenever something good happens, I want to tell you first. I cannot sleep before you text me that you are home. When I have a bad day, in that ol’ grumpy bear way, it is you who just comforts me without asking a hundred… Continue reading Ben Never: Maybe, I need you.

Deanna L. Raymond: Maybe, I need you.

Mid life I finally realise I dont NEED anyone to complete me and I verbalize often that if some one is in my life as a prospective partner that I WANT them there. I see that need and want are different. I have been through the agony of the lies of need and the crazy… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: Maybe, I need you.

Deanna L. Raymond: The Grand Finale

Single with bouts of taken For 14 years Trying to parent Trying just to get through Dating a nightmare Finding a largely broken population Of 35 to 50 something men All manner of fuckery and games Pushing every button created by Old trauma Making me angry Bitter and disappointed To the point I had become… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: The Grand Finale