Susan M. Conway: Tell the truth, say that you are scared.

Tell the truth, say that you are scared.

I’m scared, okay?
Scared of falling, scared of flying, scared of crawling, scared of dying.
The first quarter of my life was spent having the shit beat out of me.
The second quarter was spent fucking everything, especially myself, and mostly not in the good way.
The third quarter has been spent repenting, repairing, and unbecoming.
As for the fourth and final leg of my journey, I can only hope to be half the woman the women that I have grown to know and adore are.

Of course it’s scary; the unknown. But, I have never let fear stop me for very long. I fully intend to live the ever loving shit out of my life.

To hell with what anyone else thinks. I have been buried and resurrected too many times to not be a god damned silver phoenix, risen from the ashes.
Susan M. Conway

#100DayPrompt #TGP100DayChallenge #TheGingerPost

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