Deanna L. Raymond: I will not apologize for the shape I am.

Some of this is old armor

Too many years

Of padding and fleshing it out

For protection


But true just the same

If I am a bigger girl

Who fed her emotions

To shut them up

Less attention is paid

Most of the time

A thick layer of fat

To keep out the world

But I am tired

Of carrying this shame

I have made life in this body

Held my babies against

It’s wondrous softness

Held men tenderly against

My ample breasts

while they cried

This body is a conduit

That helps others heal

These arms gather strangers

Into a spontaneous embrace

Because despite all the shit

That helped me put up

Armored layers of flesh

This body also knows love

I will not be appologise for the

Shape I am

I inhabit my body fully

Swing my full round hips

As I walk with sass

And purpose

And I shine

In my wisdom

In this mid point

Of life

Without shame.


#TheGingerPost #100DayPrompt #TGP100DayChallenge

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