Susan M. Conway: I am screaming in the basement.

I am screaming in the basement.

“Have I not always been a mighty roar, even in the basement levels of my despair?”

I am my own heart’s jailer.

I am, simultaneously, the key turner to the locked doors of my heart’s chambers.

But, I do not know this yet as I slam my fists, and gnash my teeth against the grain.

Tonight, I am in the panic room of my grief, screaming in the basement, smashing the glass on the fire alarm of my body.

These four walls… these four walls, all of the smoke and water I can’t…

I can’t breath.

I cant remember the last time I was able to breathe in this fucking place.

The angry behind the hurt is tugging down my triggers to sound them off, so that they all know.

I am doin them a service by letting them all know, I am the reason for the caution tape around this house.
I am the embodiment of red flags amongst you.

I set myself on fire and tried to put it out with whiskey.

It didnt work.

Susan M. Conway

#100DayPrompt #TGP100DayChallenge #TheGingerPost

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