The Bedlam Papers: Letters to myself, I was thinking of you today.

Letters to myself; I was thinking of you today
Dear Me,
It’s been so long, I don’t even know where to begin. So much has happened, mostly things you NEVER expected to happen. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to travel backward to our younger self and things are so different at 17,when you feel awkward, impossible and invincible. I remember we had no patience at your age but ferocious determination, so I’ll be brief.
Don’t believe the people you love and admire so easily, they are human and just as flawed as you. Some want to steal you from yourself and they don’t even know why. Tread slowly.
Do believe the things you want most for yourself ARE the things you need. Stick to it and shut your mouth. Sneak your goals under enemy lines because you will NEVER convince the defeated of your worth.
The people you love today will not love you tomorrow. Everything changes, including people, especially you. The people who leave are not a reflection of you, or your sins. Let go and keep your heart open-the world is full of people and most of them are as amazing as you allow yourself to be.
Keep telling the truth. Stand tall and stop running, the running is just spinning your wheels to nowhere. Confirmation or vindication always comes later than you’d like, sounding like a whisper.
Lastly, I Love you. That is the only love that matters. Stop giving love away to prove your worth love returned. Dares, conditions, and indifference are nooses that will kill you slowly, leaving you with an empty broken life.
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