Ben Never: I have come to take my joy back; you may not have it any longer.

I Have Come To Take My Joy Back; You May Not Have It Any Longer

Ben Never

It is dark, misty. The air is thick and heavy. It feels like she could drown when she just kept breathing, but she walks on. She doesn’t see the path, but she knows exactly where she has to put her feet. One small step after another, fumbling her way where the trees stand too close, she reaches the glade she was heading for.

She stops. Glances at the shadows, that are dancing in the silvery light of a crescent moon. And there it is. He. The shadow she was watching out for. She takes a deep breath, straightens her spine. The hair in her neck, standing in a silent warning. A shiver, running through her, as she starts walking. She has to force herself to do so, but once she reaches the light, her pace is getting higher. Her steps softer and stronger at the same time. She walks over to this dark creature with a confidence, the other shadows move aside, giving her way.

A whisper starts to float amongst them, another one and more and more until she knows: yes, they are talking about me. They have never seen someone like me before. The shadows, standing in awe, astounded by this small creature that walks straight up to the biggest and most frightening of them all. A shadow, that seems to be made of old fabric, torn like black sails, so dark and thick, so heavy that its presence slows everything down in his surroundings.

The air is getting thicker again, as she approaches him. She closes her eyes, just for a moment. A moment, that brings time, as we know it, to a full halt. The whispering becomes a collective grasp for air, as a firm breeze brushes the opening, as she opens her eyes. She lifts her arm. Holds her breath. Reaches with her fingers for what you could believe to be the shadow’s back. She pats against this creature, that dances slowly. Again. Harder. And then…

She gathers everything she has, puts everything into it, in this one, single push. All the other shadows, they form a circle around her now, some yelling, screeching, other’s giggling as they see her, making a step back. A single push. A dark, heavy glow. A sound, like something heavy drops, so low, everything is shaking. Until she sounds her powerful voice:

“HEY! Hey you! Yeah, you! Do you think I am afraid? Do you think, I am joking around? I know you still have it, it led me here! Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about! I have come to take my joy back, you can’t have it anymore! I don’t care what you think! No matter how small it is to you, it is mine, and I am not going without! I am not scared anymore! You are just a fucking beast inside my head! I made you! I take you down!”

With every. Single. Word. She pushes the shadow around. At first, it seems like it has red, flickering eyes, but with every. Little. Push. Its eyes are getting wider, fading out. It tumbles. Getting. Smaller. Fading. Gives sight to a shard, that it hid inside his chest. It screams. Falls. A last push. Vanishes…

The shard falls into what once was grass, but is no dry, burnt from the remains of what held her most precious treasure for such a long time. She kneels down to pick it up. It is not much. Not big. To some, it would seem like a worthless piece of what looks like glass, but it is what gives her meaning. She holds it in her hands again. It is hers. Her joy. She smiles as she keeps it close to her heart.

As she rises from the ground, she sees the other shadows, that gathered closer around her. With a fiery glance in her eyes, she just whispers:

“What you witnessed, take as a warning. I was not scared to take on your King. What do you think, I could do to you?”

She looks at all those shadows, that slowly open the ring they formed around her. She looks up, takes a deep breath, feeling how clean the air suddenly is, and starts walking back to the way she came from. The shard in her hands lights her path, and every creature she passes bows down, kneels, with no attempt to hold her. From this day on, the darkness should never take her joy again.

Writer Name: Ben Never

Facebook: @ben.never.writes

Instagram: @ben.never.writes

#TheGingerPost #100DayPrompt #TGP100DayChallenge

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