The Bedlam Papers: I have come to take my joy back; you may not have it any longer.

I have come to take my joy back; you may not have it any longer.
Empress of Me
Once upon a time, when I was small, there was a this dragon. A mean, nasty dragon that would loom over my head and screech, and flare.
Inflamed every time I laughed, or smiled, the dragon would steal my little joys as if they were jewels and guard this plunder with burning snides.
Once upon a time, when I was slightly bigger than little, I would find pretty things, dance and sing. Sadly, dragons are sour. This dragon would howl at my songs, and swipe with its tail, swishing off with the pretty things, stopping my dancing flat. Gone in a claw were my beautiful joys.
Once upon a time, when I was bigger but not biggest, my Grandma taught me some things about dragons. She said as I grew bigger, my joys, those jewels, they would grow bigger too. And dragons are very jealous, hollow things. She told me if I want my joys to grow to be strong I must hide them-inside my sleeves, and under my feet. I must eat my jewels, stay silent and never look the dragon in the eyes. Joys, and secrets hide behind our eyes and we must out-wise the dragons.
Once upon a time, when I was almost biggest, nearly now, I grew pale, heavy, and grey. All the joys I ate and jewels I hid made me thick and sad. The world had disappeared and the dragon, glaring would gloat, claiming victory over my joys, now its own. Behind flat eyes, the dragon hissed, when the time was right, and all my color was gone, it would tear me apart and take the last jewels, the joys it knew I hid.
Once upon a time, just about this minute, I remembered Grandma’s most important lesson. Dragons are hollow, and never filled, no heavier than paper. My joy, those jewels, are MY powers, My strength. It is what makes me biggest, bigger than dragons. So, with my deepest breath, I rise and cry “I have come to take MY joys back; you may NOT have them any longer!”
Just like that, the dragon slowly dissolves at my feet giving space to build a throne of joy from my jewels old and new. With nothing to fear I am finally, now the Empress of Me.
#TheGingerPost #100DayPrompt #TGP100DayChallenge

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