Anne Arkee: My Body Is Alarm

His touch is my only release; he is gasoline and my body is a fire alarm  I should heed the warning my head is screaming  Yet, I succumb to his kiss, his eyes, his body again. 


Deanna Raymond: My Body Is A Fire Alarm

My lips, my darkness Are suddenly alight Under the onslaught  Of your hungry mouth

Alexandra Ricaud: I’m sorry that I left you back there.

My sweet honey love, I’m sorry that I left you back there; but in truth you left me too.

Susan M. Conway: My memory is in love with you.

You still walk this earth, and I still bleed for you, mourn and wail for you, seeking you in every lover I have taken since.

The Truth Is

The truth is, I crave the silence your violence brings.

Grave Robbers and the Women who Fuck/Love Them

**This piece was written years ago** There was a radio piece done by Howard Stern in 2004 that I heard about a while back; Donald Trump was his Guest. On this particular show Howard and Donald agreed-hands down that deeply troubled women made the best lovers. They discussed how they came to this conclusion. Here… Continue reading Grave Robbers and the Women who Fuck/Love Them