Deanna L. Raymond: Half Truths

You sold me Half of you Disguised as whole Half truths Spoken as gospel You gave your children Less than half the father They deserved As it all unravelled And the rum bottle You hid behind And drowned your true self in Was always more than Half empty Years later we learned You truly were… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: Half Truths

Ben Never: Lure of low hanging fruit.

The Lure Of Low Hanging Fruit Ben Never I love you to be on top of me. When I can hold you. When you lean down to me, more and more, coming closer. When you are so close, that I try to suck you in, shoving my hands up your back. Pulling you lower, to… Continue reading Ben Never: Lure of low hanging fruit.

Deanna L. Raymond: The lute of low hanging fruit.

Beware the lure Of low hanging fruit Easy fixes wrapped In pretty packages Promising To help ease the pain Make quick work Of damage Years in the making No weekend meditation retreat Tapping therapy Chakra clearing Vibrational healing Is going to solve Decades of harm In a few sessions There needs to be so much… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: The lute of low hanging fruit.

Ben Never: Deep Wounds

Every Deep Wound Needs Exposure To Heal Properly; Sometimes, You Just Gotta Look At It Ben Never Every deep wound needs exposure to heal properly; sometimes, you just gotta look at it. Some people paint to do so. Some people write. Don’t wonder if you find yourself in a song some years from now. Writer… Continue reading Ben Never: Deep Wounds

Deanna L. Raymond: Deep Wounds

Some things cut so deep That they never close Because instead of Exposing it to the sun and air It is easier to heap all manner Of shit and denial on top of it Detritus to fill the hole beneath the surface Piled with more escapism, justification and out right self neglect Till there is… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: Deep Wounds

Ben Never: Don’t tell me…

Don’t Tell Me That Ambition Is A Seedy Dark Alley, And Isn’t Any Place For Someone Like Me Ben Never Don’t tell me that ambition is a seedy dark alley, and isn’t any place for someone like me. You don’t know what I am made of. I am ambition, I am my own seedy dark… Continue reading Ben Never: Don’t tell me…

Deanna L. Raymond: Don’t tell me…

Stay back She told me Lay low Don't over reach Don't want too much Who are you To dare Ask more of life Than I did Or to deserve To live out loud When playing small Is enough to get by? You will surely fail You always do You want too much Sit down, be… Continue reading Deanna L. Raymond: Don’t tell me…